With deep roots in the restaurant industry, owner Zach Platis moved to Charleston with an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition to serve the community delicious food. Inspiration from his energetic rescue pup, Goldie, love of hot dogs and, not to mention, very large beard, blended together to create the perfect idea - Bearded Dogs! Our mission at Bearded Dogs is to serve Charleston the best possible gourmet hot dogs while giving back to the community along the way. With a rotating menu, we pride ourselves on our fresh ingredients and offering unique, exciting items daily. However, you can always count on a few things : delectable hand-cut french fries, a dog grilled to perfection, a beard and a full stomach when you're finished (belly rubs not included)!


Meet the Team


Zach Platis


The Bearded One


Zach entered the restaurant industry under the direction of his father, George, at 8 years old. Throughout his childhood he gained respect and appreciation for the influence of food on the community. With a business degree from Penn State, a professional background in logistics management and overall street savvy intuition (he's from NYC after-all), Zach is eager to make an impact on the food truck industry in Charleston. When asked what motivated him to donate some of his monthly profits to local charities, he answered "because it's the right thing to do". Zach is excited to meet all you dog lovers out there (bearded or not)! Be sure to give him a WOOF next time you stop by the truck!


George Platis


Papa Beard

George is a former restaurant owner who has been in the industry for decades. He's owned countless successful establishments in various locations from New York City to Baltimore, MD. George has worked tirelessly alongside Zach to effectively and efficiently open Charleston's first gourmet hot dog truck. He is constantly scouting new recipes and menu items. His love for food, the industry, and, of course, Zach, drives him to push the business to exciting levels. Though not fully bearded, George will definitely wag his tail when he sees your smiling faces!


Marissa M.


Bearded Companion

Originally from Wisconsin, Marissa relocated to Charleston a few years ago for her love of sunny beaches. With previous experience working on a food truck, Marissa's congenial personality and cheerful attitude is the perfect addition to our Bearded Dogs team! Her friends describe her as an artistic, animal lover with a great sense of humor and we certainly agree. Be prepared to play fetch with Marissa next time you order a dog!  


Carolynn E.


Bearded Partner


Carolynn is our silent beast, marketing and events extraordinaire! With a variety of industry experience, she is constantly on the look-out for business growth opportunities. One day, she is the voice behind the responses on our social pages and the next, she sending out a slew of emails and creating new relationships with businesses in the community.  Originally from St. Louis, MO, Carolynn attended Penn State for Recreation Management and met her future bearded partner, Zach, along the way! Her love for southern culture brought them to Charleston. She couldn't be happier to have found her forever home down south!




Bearded Mascot


All the way from Philadelphia, PA, Goldie is our mascot and the inspiration for our food truck. She is a young, rescue pitbull with a mind of her own. With no regard to personal space, Goldie will greet you with a showering of licks, tail-wags and a giant hug, if you're lucky. We love you, Goldie!